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Primary Investigator

Corey White, PhD
Primary Investigator
409 Huntington Hall


Corey White (Assistant Professor) focuses his research on understanding how the brain allows us to adapt the way we make decisions. He explores how different types of information are represented in the brain and integrated to drive behavior, employing mathematical models of cognition and functional MRI to map cognitive processes onto neural systems. His work covers both healthy adult populations and clinical populations with elevated anxiety and depression. Dr. White completed his Ph.D. work at Ohio State University, and a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Texas that was funded by a training grant from the National Institutes of Mental Health.

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PhD Students

Ryan Curl
Doctoral Student
340B Central NY Medical Center

Ryan recently earned an MS in neuroscience from the University of Buffalo, and joined the Brain and Behavior Lab to pursue his PhD in cognitive psychology.  He is interested in understanding the cognitive processes and neural mechanisms involved in memory and decision making.  He will be utilizing cognitive modeling and functional neuroimaging techniques to explore the nature of these processes and their underlying neural substrates.

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Undergraduate Research Assistants

Lab RAs

-Ye-Chen (Billy) Kim          

-Brandon Carlos

-Alexandria Weaver          

-Carrie Stith

-Megan Dionne                

-Xoni Jordan

-Brooke Malloy                

-Richard Miles

-Sadie Treleven    

-Kimi Skokin

-Erin Hurley                    

-Emily Mongeon

-Chrissy Grabarits            

-Emelio Woodstock

-Heather Barber              

-Stephanie Negron

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